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Sawmill production consists of log slots (fir, beech, oak) from which various wood products are obtained, from timber to wood elements and biomass (wood residues, pellets). The production program of the sawmill Gerovo itself consists of processing, preparing and manipulating timber (fir, beech, oak) of different quality.

Wood pellet

Wood pellet “FINPELLET” is made of wood residue, which is produced during
sawmill production in Gerovo. Since the sawmill production in Gerovo has a unique system of debarking logs, there is no bark in the pellet composition (lighter pellet), what ultimately significantly contributes to the quality of wood pellets (higher calorific value, less ash).


Impregnation as a protection procedure increases durability of made wood products. The procedure includes the exposure of timber products in the kettle to vacuum (drying) and then to the impregnation agent, extending their durability to 20 years.

Project information:

Project title: Increasing competitiveness and efficiency of FINVEST CORP using information
General objective: Strengthening the market position, increasing competitiveness and efficiency of
SME operations using information and communication technology and supporting the development of
the information society in the Republic of Croatia.
Specific objectives: Increase of domestic and foreign market, development of business processes of
the FINVEST CORP d.d. company.
Total project value: 618,827.50 HRK
EU co-financing: 329,862.39 HRK
Project implementation period: 01.10.2019.- 01.01.2021.
Contact person: Silvio Galić


Year of establishment: 1993
Activity NKD 16.21 Manufacture of veneer and other wood plates
Competent court: Commercial Court in Rijeka
Contact: uprava@finvestcorp.hr
Telephone number: +38598299030
Management Board:
Board President: Damir Kelava
Board member: Daniel Smiljanić
Board member: Oleg Uskoković
Contact: uprava@finvestcorp.hr
Telephone number: +38598299030
Supervisor Board Chairman: Tanja Kragulj Mežnarić

Company information

Company share capital: 154,437,750 HRK
Number of shares issued: 617,751
Share Code: FNVC-R-A
Giro account:
OTP banka d.d. IBAN: HR8924070001100066527
21000 Split, Croatia
Domovinskog rata 61

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund